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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Introduction with Web Graphics

Web graphics

Introduction with Web Graphics

Another example of signature art used on web forumsIn the 1990s, Internet speeds increased, and Internet browsers capable of viewing images were released, the first being Mosaic. Websites began to use the GIF format to display small graphics, such as banners, advertisements and navigation buttons,on web pages. Modern web browsers can now display JPEG, PNG and increasingly, SVG images in addition to GIFs on web pages. Plugins expand the web browser functions to display animated, interactive and 3-D graphics contained within file formats such as SWF and X3D.

Most modern web graphics are made with either Abode Photoshop, the GIMP, or Corel Paint Shop Pro. however, user of Microsoft Windows mostly have MS Paint, which many find to be lacking in features.

Numerous websites have been created to host communities for web graphics artists. A growing number of people the Photoshop, GIMP and Paint Shop Pro to create internet forum signature - generally appearing after a user's post - and other digital artwork, such as photo manipulations and graphics.

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