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Sunday, June 3, 2018



Generally, computer can be divided into 3 types
1.  Analog computer
2.  Digital computer
3.  Hybrid computer

Analog computer

In this type of computers, numerical magnitudes are represented by physical quantities such as electric current, voltage, or resistance, mechanical movements, etc. These are machines which are designed to perform arithmetical functions upon numbers where the numbers are represented by physical quantity.

Analog computers are widely used in manufacturing units where temperatures, pressures or flow of liquids are to be monitored continuously. It is also used at petrol pump where petrol pump contains an analog processor that connects fuel flow measurements into quantity and price value.

Among the various drawbacks of using Analog computer. are : they do not have the ability to store data in large quantities; They do not have the logical facilities;They can performs only arithmetical functions but are more costlier.

Digital Computer

A computer operates on data in the form of digits, rather than the physical quantities used in analog computers. That is,  its input must be discrete rather than continuous and may consists of combinations of numbers, characters and special symbols, written in appropriate programming language. Digital computer can be classified into two parts.

General purpose Digital computer

They are also known as all purpose digital computer. Thoretically They can be used for any type of application, e.g., computer data used for payroll, graphs, analysis, etc.

Special purpose Digital Computer

A Digital computer is Designed To solve problems of a restricted type. That is, Special - Purpose digital computer is designed to be especially efficient in a certain class of applications, e.g., Computers installed in washing machines.

hybrid Computers

This Type Of computers are hybrid of the above two types. A hybrid computer may used a produce analog data or digital data. It can be obtained either by interconnecting a digital and analog computers via a hybrid interface or analog unit is integrated as a part of central processor of a digital computer Which ultimately helps in getting input/output Directly.

hybrid computers are generally used in scientific applications are inn controlling industrial processors, in both situations the user in able to exploit the machine's  Ability to process and the analog machines for fast integration functions.

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