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Saturday, June 2, 2018



We should just remember that a computer:

1. Cannot think
2. It has vast capabilities of calculations like addition, substraction, etc and
3. It is totally under the control of the user. So we can say that a computer is a machine, totally at the command of user, which can perform operations at a much higher speed than a human being.

So may times you have seen or heard that a telephone bill or an electricity bill has been wrongly prepared and the amount charged is enormous. It is not because of computer's mistake but it is so since the meter reading given to the computer was wrong, possibly the reading was wrongly taken by the meter reader who had gone to the house to read and record the meter reading.

Therefore, we understand that there is nothing magical about a computer. It is actually a friendly machine which is totally at your command . Do  you remember the story Aladdin and the Magic Lamp? Just like the Genie of the magic lamp, a computer will obey your command. If you make a mistake in giving commands to the computer, it will carry out these commands giving wrong results.

Computer Age

Thought the first fully operational electronic computer was introduced to the world in 1946, but the historian  assumes the starting of a computer age from 1951, when first commercial  computer UNIVAC was introduced. The remarkable thing about the computer age is that so much has happened in so much short time. We have leapfrogged four generations of technology in about 50 years  - a span of time whose events are within the memories of many people today. The first three computer generations are pinned to three technological developments:

1. vacuum tube
2. transistor and
3. integrated circuit

Each has drastically changed  the nature and size of computers. We define the timing of each generation according to the beginning of commercial delivery of the hardware technology. Defining subsequent generations has become more complicated because the entire industry  has become more complicated.

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