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Thursday, August 9, 2018

CPC Vs CPM Two Popular Ways to Make Money from a Blog

CPC Vs CPM Two Popular Ways to Make Money from a Blog


Friends, today we will learn CPC Vs CPM (Hindi) or What is the difference between an impression and a click? In detail, and we will gain insight into how we can earn money from our blog using different types of CPC networks and CPM networks.

CPC Vs CPM In Hindi

CPC and CPM Cost Models are important for both publishers and advertisers. In this case if you want to publish a Publishers online or an advertiser, you want to promote your Business / Product / Services.

So carefully consider all the tips given about CPC & CPM here and then implement it. Now, before getting the information about CPC Vs CPM In Hindi, we understand that,

What is CPC & CPM?

CPC "Cost Per Click"

CPM i.e. "Cost Per Thousand Impression" Or ((Technically, "Cost per Mille")

This is two important factors for both the Digital Marketing Cost Model.

CPC, its name is COST PER CLICK, Pay Per Click on Advertiser Ad, and Publisher (Bloggers) get paid for every one click on Ad.

If we understand it more easily, we can understand CPC better through Google Adsense because it is the largest income source for bloggers through CPC.
When Google Adsense Network is Approve on Our Website / Blog and Ads are Shown

 So whenever someone clicks on the show, then the Amount is added according to the current CPC in our Adsense account.

CPM is a cost model in which advertiser imposes impression money and publishers receive money to get an impression on Ad. There is no need for votes here, click on Visitor Ad, and he only sees Ad, even then bloggers get their money.

It means here the CPM Advertising pays the total number of Impression accordingly.

Best CPM Network For Bloggers: Propellads

CPC Vs CPM Income Source

As a Blogger, it is very difficult to determine which Earning Source is better for us and by which use we can earn more than Blogging.

If we look at an advertiser's view, then it will be best for us to be CPC Cost Model because it gives us more chances of getting business But the bloggers will be right, because CPM will open this on any website on their website.
Then he will get the money whether click on Visitor Ad or not, the bloggers will get the money. But now it comes to Relavancy's highest income source,
We all know that there is no one better than Google Adsense to make money for bloggers and this is a relavant source which can make us income for long term.
Yes, I also agree that Google Adsense is a good income source.
But, is it alone that bloggers Paisa Kama can?
It is not that many other ways can be earned on the Internet, which can be the best and easiest way of CPM, for those who are interested in making money from blogging.
Just as we monetize your blog / website from Adsense, we can connect via CPM Advertising through our website and earn money by showing Ad on the website.
1. There are many users who do not have Adsense Account Aprove so, in such a way, it is a better way for them to monetize their Website Website with CPM Advertising network and earn money.
2. If our website is Adsense Approve and we are serving Adsense Ads, then we can also use CPM Advertising on our website. All we need to do is control PopUp ads.

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