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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale starts from Aug 10: Top deals, offers and discounts announced

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale starts from Aug 10: Top deals, offers and discounts announced

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale

Companies do not want to leave the market to entice customers on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day. In response to Amazon's Freedom Sale, Flipkart has now announced the Big Freedom Sale. The flipkart's cell will last from August 10 to August (3 days). This 72-hour long sale will give customers 80% discount on products.
Top comment
It's useless! Sale or reclaimed goods in the cell goes out on the excuse of the offer!

In Flipkart The Big Freedom Sale, the company is offering a lot of attractive offers to customers on different brands and categories of products. Customers in this cell will get blockbuster deal every 8 hours. During this sale, customers will get bumper discounts up to 80% on some products. If customers purchase from Citibank credit card in the cell, then 10% cashback will be available.

Each one will be special

This cell will start from 12 a.m. on August 10. In the cell 10th night from 12 pm to 2 pm, there will be huge discounts in 'Rush Hour'. In the deal called 'Freedom Countdown', there will be a reduction in the prices of products for 10 to 12 days from 7:47 PM to 8:18 PM for 31 minutes. Also, 'One Deal Every Hour' will bring a new deal every hour during the sale. In this way, you will get 24 deals in 24 hours on this.

Discount categories

There are separate discounts on the product of every category in the cell. Here you have a great opportunity to get great discounts on smartphones such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi. Up to 70% discount on home appliances such as freeze, washing, machine, mixer will be available. Up to 80% discount on laptops, audio and cameras is offered, while there will be huge discounts up to 40-80% on clothing and other footwear. There will also be a discount of 40 to 80% on home furnishings and furnishings.

Individual discount category

Tell us, on the occasion of Independence Day, Amjason is starting his cell since August 9. In this cell too many bangle offers will be given to the customers. The Freedom Cell of Amjon will run from 9 noon to 12 noon from 12 noon to 11:59 pm. Under this cell, the company will offer more than 20,000 products including smartphones, consumer electronics, fashion, groceries.
Here, what will be the specialty of Amjon's Freedom Cell

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