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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Guest posting? How to do without Request Guest Post?

Guest posting? How to do without Request Guest Post?

Guest posting How to do without Request Guest Post

Today we will talk about Guest Posting? How to do without Request Guest Post? This Topic is very important in keeping Google Update recently and if we want to make a Successful Blogger. So for us, it is a very essential Essential SEO Technique.

 Guest Posting

From 2006 to 2010, there was a Golden Period for Blogger, because at that time the Competition was so low that everybody's Post had a good rank of Blogger. But after 2010, a little competition has been increased for bloggers and today Blog, Keyword or Ranking on any page is a challenge in itself.
If we search any keyword "Guest Blog" on the internet today. So we get to see the result of it in one, two, 100 or 1000 result no lakhs, millions. This gives us an idea of how much competition in blogging is.
keyword competition
Guest posting is it?
If we publish an article on another blog/website with the permission of its owner. It is called "Guest Posting" or "Guest Blogging" or "Guest Post". We all have often seen that many bloggers continue to guest post on another website.

Now let us first talk about how and how our blog can benefit from Guest Posting. Because if we are doing any activity by keeping our Career in mind and we do not benefit from it, then it is not fun to do the work nor do that work.
Guest Posting has many advantages. for example…
Improve Writing Skill:
Content writing skills in Blogging Career are very important and we often write posts to our blog, while not paying attention to Content Writing.
When we write Guest Post on another's blog and send it to Approval. So he checks our post well and if any Mistake (Heading, Keyword, Image etc.) it rejections our post.
With this, we try to write content according to the Guideline of that blog and this makes our Writing Skill Improve ours.

Build Strong Relationship:
Value is everywhere, whether it is Personal Life or Professional. Guest Posting can help in creating a good blogging relationship and can make an identity of us among bloggers.
Earn Website Backlink:
Whenever we write Guest Post on any website, we can earn an Essential Website Backlink from it. Which is very helpful for our website.

Improve Website Traffic & Keyword Ranking:

Traffic for a blogger matters as much as water for a thirsty,
Through Guest Posting, we can Improve Your Website's Ranking and Quality Website Traffic. As we submit a Guest Post to any other reputed blog, then we can add Hyperlink to a good keyword and improve both Traffic and Ranking through it.
Guest Posting?
This is a very big question for us. When we talk about Guest Posting, that is, what is it saying that Guest Posting?
Guest Post Most of the bloggers accepts that on some blog we get a link to Guest Posting. From where we can contact Direct Blog owner or submit your Guest Post and some of us have to request a request form through Blog. for example…
I have not submitted any of the guest blog posts yet. I just shared your article on Direct Guest Blog. So I will tell you here without Request Guest Post.
I have so far, - 1 Article - Article 4 - Article 3
blog post
guest post example
With this, 11 More Medium Share on Linkedin (Non-Guest Posting Website).

LinkedIn post

Linkedin Articles:
These are all popular blogs where we can share our article or guest posting without any request, and when our article is approved, we will get information about it.
Note - Many people do not give this status as guest posting. But it benefits us as a Guest Blogging.
While sharing your article here, we can link to the selected anchor text and earn good traffic through it and a quality website link.
I have told about some such guest posting blog here. Where we can post and can increase the traffic of our website.

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