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Saturday, August 18, 2018

How Does Amazon Make Money?. Amazon Business Models.

How Does Amazon Make Money?. Amazon Business Models.

How Does Amazon Make Money. Amazon Business Models.

Hi Friends, Today we will talk to How does Amazon Make Money? and Amazon Business Model. Amazon was started by Jeff Bezos as a digital bookstore. Since then Amazon has never looked back and seen. And now Amazon world's biggest online retailer. Nowadays then Amazon is everywhere.

Today we will talk: -

1.Amazon Business Model.
2.Amazon Revenue Analysis.
4.Amazon Books
5.Amazon Music and Videos
6.Amazon Fire Products
7.Amazon Prime.
8.Amazon Patents
9.Amazon products and services

Amazon Business Model: -

Amazon's business model is too big -
1.Amazon Marketplace.
2.Amazon Books
3.Amazon Music and Videos
4.Amazon Gaming.
5.Amazon Web Services
6.Amazon Fire Products
7.Amazon Prime.
8.Amazon Patents

1.Amazon Marketplace: -

Amazon Marketplace ( is an e-commerce platform, where Amazon and third parties are sold to users. Amazon commission takes third-party sellers. amazon You also get the commission to advertise the products of the seller

2.Amazon Books: -

Money makes money from Amazon Books too. There are lots of Amazon Books services like Audible, Goodreads, Abebooks, Amazon Books, Comixology, Book Depository, Amazon Publishing, and Amazon Kindle, other services (like LibraryThing, Omnivoracious, Bookfinder, etc).

3.Amazon Music and Videos: -

The Internet Movie Database is the world's most popular source for movie, TV and celebrity content. IMDB earns money from advertisements, subscriptions. Amazon bought IMDB in 1998. is for a social video platform and creative arts. This is a popular video game website. These are just like youtube. earns money from advertisements and paid memberships.
Amazon Echo and Alexa
Amazon Echo is a smart speaker, which can do a lot.
Amazon is just like the Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana.
Amazon Music
Amazon Music is an online music store. Amazon Music works just like Spotify. They earn money from subscriptions.
Amazon Video
Amazon Video is an internet video-on-demand service. Or also earns money from subscription.
4.Amazon Gaming: -
Amazon has Amazon game studios, game developers.
5.Amazon Web Services: -
Amazon Web Services is also known as cloud computing.
6.Amazon Fire Products: -
Kindle Fire: - Kindle Fire is a tablet computer.
Fire Phone: - Fire Phone is a smartphone from Amazon.
Amazon Fire OS: -Amazon Fire OS is an Android-based mobile OS.
7.Amazon Prime: -
Amazon Prime earns money from their subscriptions. Price $ 99 per year or $ 10.99 dollars per month.
8.Amazon Patents: -
Amazon has the total of 1263 patients. And Amazon earns good money from all of these.
Other Amazon products and services: - - is an analytics product.
Curse Inc. - There are a Game Tools. - This is an online store of baby products. - This is a digital photography site.
Amazon Appstore - are the Appstore for Android. - E-commerce market for footwear.

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