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Monday, August 6, 2018

how the world's largest search engine Google earns money

how the world's largest search engine earns money

world's largest search engine Google earns money

Google is the world's largest search engine company. Its revenues in the year 2016 were about 5777 billion rupees. Google has occupied nearly 80% of the search market globally, which is much more than the other search engine Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo.

According to ComScore data, in October 2015, Google had 63.9 percent share of the search market, while Bing's 20.7 percent and Yahoo's 12.7 percent. Users have always been keen on Google's earnings. In this article, we are telling you about Google's earnings.

Through Google's earnings

Google earns the highest advertising revenue through the AdWords and Adsense services. However, in addition to many other services, Google earns. But more than 70 per cent of the company comes from Ed Revenue 'Edwards' and then Edense. Let Google know that Google is not just a search business. They also provide services like Maps, Cloud Computing, Document, Email Service and Social Networking etc. and also do business through it. Apart from this, Google earns through YouTube as well.


Companies use Google AdWords. On this, they display an ad for a specific audience. Edwards is determined according to the cost click. If users do not click on a link, then Google does not take any money direct from that search. According to a report, in 2011 Google received the highest revenue from finance, insurance, retail and travel search advertising.

Understand such

-AdWords is auctioned-based advertising program.
In this, users are shown Ed as per the search query of the users.
- Ad bid (auction) seems to be according to keyword (word).
- The more words on advertising, the more money Google will pay from the advertising company.
- As soon as online users click on these ads, Google takes money from advertisers.


Adsense allows advertisers to join Google's network and display advertisements on their website. Most websites follow this service only. If you join AdSense, then Google gives money to advertisements based on the reciprocity of your website, according to Browsing Habits. In return, Google takes money from advertisers.

Understand such

- Adsense content helps in managing monetize contents.
- Google gives the Network Member the right to deliver AdWords Ad on the Relevant Search page.
- Adsense facility is also provided in Blogger. Through this, blog writers can make money
For this, the AdSense account has to be linked to the blog and after that Google gives money on the viewership basis.
- Google takes advertisers advertisers to display an ad here.

Google earns $ 50 (about Rs. 3229.62) per click

'Insurance' is the highest paid earner on Google AdWords. On every click on this keyboard, Google earns $ 54 (about Rs 3486).

Users feel that everything is free on Google, but the company also charges a free app. Google Apps also takes money from developers to sign-up their app on Google App Store. Every developer gets 50 dollars i.e. 3229 rupees.

By selling ads on search page

Google also earns money by selling ads on the Google Search page.
-Advertisements are set for different rates and the bid is set.
The highest price is the advertisement appearing on the top page of the search engine. Because first of all, the attention of the users is on that.

Google also makes money from these ways:

By offering product to enterprise customers
- Google Apps for Business - Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Sites
- Through API (Application Program Interface) for Business
- Google Earth Enterprise - In this, software solutions are provided for data visualization.
- Google Cloud Platform - It offers cloud service for developers and business.

By offering online services to users

Google Web Search - Search feature News, map, google image, google book, google scholar, google group etc.
Google Docs - Creativity, Edit and Presentation of Document
Chrome browser- The convenience of surfing the web.
Gmail- Mail Send and Receive Facility
Google Play App Download feature
Google Plus - Social Networking Facility
Youtube-video sharing facility.
Blogger- facilitates creating blogs and publishing content.

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