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Monday, August 20, 2018

Interesting facts, Most Amazing & Interesting Facts

Interesting facts, Most Amazing & Interesting Facts 

Interesting facts, Most Amazing & Interesting Facts

Computer Technology, which has transformed our world, can not be imagined without any computer in today's time, whether it is educational institutions, office or a company such a large machine like the airplane. 

Even with the help of Computer Technology, control is done, but this technology was not so from the beginning, during this many experiments and progressive development, this pattern and efficiency Got it And this experiment (experiment) is still continuing on this technology,

so that the daily tasks of Human Life can be made easier and faster, So let's know about the interesting facts related to technology-

The most startling and interesting facts about computers -

  1. Most Amazing Interesting Facts About Computer In Hindi
  2. Do you know that the computer mouse, which was used in the daily use, was first made of wood?
  3. Do you know that approximately 5000 computer viruses are made per month?
  4. Did you know that the Internet has used about 17 billion devices on the internet so far?
  5. Did you know that only 5 MB of data could be stored in the world's first Hard Disk?
  6. Do you know that all the visuals visible in the computer screen are made up of three colors (red, green, blue)?

  7. Did you know that the world's first computer monitor was first used in the 1980's?
  8. Did you know that the first computer keyboard was invented in 1968?
  9. Did you know that floppy disk was used to exchange external data before CD, DVD and Pen Drive?
  10. Do you know that the first floppy disk was invented in 1970, with the storage capacity of only 75.79 KB?
  11. Did you know that the most used USB hardware pen drive in the world came into existence in 1999? But in the market, it was launched in 2000, at that time its storage capacity was only 8 MB.

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