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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Paytm Business Model | how paytm works for business

Paytm Business Model | how paytm works for business

Paytm Business Model

Hi Friends, Today we will talk about how does Paytm Work For Business?. You might think how Paytm gives so much cash back. You should have seen that Paytm gives 50% to 100% cashback, so how much cashback does Paytm give? Today we will learn about Paytm's Business Model.

What is Paytm?

Paytm is India's largest mobile payments, e-wallet, and commerce platform. Paytm has just launched the Paytm Bank a few days ago.

Business Model of Paytm: -

The Business Model of Paytm is a marketplace model, which offers recharge & bill payments and also offers users e-wallet and banking option.

How Paytm Makes Money?

In May 2017, Paytm's valuation of ~ $ 7 billion has gone up.
Paytm Revenue Model: -
Marketplace (Paytm Mall)
Recharge Services
Bill Payments
Payment Solutions
Paytm Wallet
Digital Gold
Paytm Bank

Paytm Marketplace (Paytm Mall): -

Now Paytm has 120 million buyers and 2 million daily transactions. Paytm sells a lot of things and earns better money than this.

Recharge Services: -

Paytm first launched your Recharge Services. At that time, Paytm used only mobile recharge and bill payment services. But today Paytm offers a lot of services. And all these get commission instead of a commission to paytm.

Bill Payment: -

You can also pay bills of electricity, telephone, water, mobile, broadband, gas, etc. along with paytm recharge facilities.

Payment Solutions: -

Paytm Payment Solutions also offers online businesses. You may have seen that many stores nowadays are accepting Paytm.

Paytm Wallet: -

Have you ever wondered how Paytm gives 50-100% cashback? All these cashbacks are given in the Paytm wallets. You use the same cashback to buy something again.

Digital Gold: -

Paytm has partnered with the gold refiner MMTC-PAMP. You can buy and sell Gold from Paytm but for this, you will have to give some commission to Paytm, from which Paytm is earning money. You can also buy and store gold at Paytm, in the digital form.

Paytm Bank: -

Paytm has launched its Paytm Bank a few days ago. Paytm Bank is a Digital Bank and will also earn Money in Paytm future.
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