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Sunday, September 9, 2018

All information related to making PAN card and online application

All information related to making PAN card and online application

All information related to making PAN card and online application

Today, our government is very aware of technology. Now almost every government work can be done online. Last year, the central government launched a website through which the staff of Central Government employees could be tracked. Now that many such government services have become digital, we believe that readers should also be aware of this.

While proceeding through this process, we will tell you how to apply online for PAN card. You need a PAN card for most financial transactions in India. Whether the bank account is open or filing an income tax return or transition above Rs 50,000, a PAN card is required everywhere.

The process of the PAN card application is very easy. You can make PAN card online You can fill up all the forms online, but you have to post all the documents near the Income Tax office. Only then will the application process be completed. After filling the form on the website, you can send your application to the PAN card office.

After this, your application is processed and the card is sent to your home address.

If you get stuck somewhere and want more information, you can use this helpline number (18001801961). We are also stranded on many occasions and at this time helpline number help. We found that the services were quite helpful.

Start by making a copy of the documents you need to send with your app.

This document will be required for the PAN card application ...
To subscribe the application you will need to upload many documents on the PAN Services Unit website. You will have to upload the identity card, address proof (proof of address), birth certificate and photograph. You will need to remove the scan copy of a document from each of the sections below.

1. Identity card
To create the PAN card, one of these documents can be sent as an identity card.

Aadhaar card issued by Indian Unique Identification Authority
Voter ID Card
driving license
Photo ration card
Arms license
Photo Identity Card issued by Central Government or State Government or any PSU
Pension card with photo
Central Government Health Service Scheme Card or X Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Photo Card
Certificate of identity card signed by lawmaker or legislator or counselor or gadget officer

2. Proof of address
With photo ID you will also have to give your address proof along with your app. Attach one of these documents with your form:

Aadhaar card issued by Indian Unique Identification Authority
Voter ID Card
driving license
Husband's wife's passport
Post office passbook in which the applicant's address is given
Latest Property Tax Assessment Order
The government-issued Domicile Certificate
 Allotment Letter of Accreditation issued by the Central or State Government (not older than 3 years)
Property registration
Address Certificate signed by MP or MLA or Councilor or a Gazetted Officer
Original certificate issued by the company

You can also use these documents, but it should not be more than three months old.

electricity bill
Landlining bill or broadband connection bill
Water bill
Gas connection card or book
Bank account statement
Deposit account statement
Credit card statement

3. Birth certificate
One of these documents can be presented as a birthdate certificate:

The birth certificate issued by the municipal corporation or by an official authorized to issue birth and death certificates by the register of births and deaths. Or by the Indian consulate
Pension payment order
Marriage certificate issued by the Register of Marriage
Passing Certificate of Class 10
driving license
The government-issued Domicile Certificate
A sworn affidavit was given to the magistrate in which the birth date is mentioned

4. Photos
You will also need to send your two photos along with the PAN card application.

Once all the documents are available to you, then do this:

1. Visit this page on the NSDL website.
2. Scroll to the bottom and select Individual in the drop-down menu of Apply for a new PAN Card. Then select.
3. Now you can start filling the form. If you have any doubts, then go to this page and read the guide filling form.
4. The first field is the AO Code which you can find here. You can learn about your AO code by calling the Income Tax Department's helpline number 18001801961.
5. You should not have trouble filling the field like name, gender, address. Yes, make special care when choosing the documents you are about to subscribe. You can choose the form in the drop-down menu made at point 15.

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