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Saturday, September 1, 2018

World Science Projects of 2018

World Science Projects of 2018

World Science Projects of 2018

Nothing is impossible in the world of science. You can think of growing sun in the lab, creating stars or the atmosphere up to the universe, but the farthings you think, the money and the time will be the same. This is the reason why today a large science project is not being executed by any one company or country, but many countries are being made a partner in it. 

Here we will learn about some of the science projects where not only is this mixed sentiment working but India is also taking responsibility as a larger partner.

LIGO Project: Laser Interferometric Gravitational Wave Observatory

Budget: India is giving 300 million dollars in this $ 950 million project.
Plan: Through this project, scientists want to detect Cosmic Gravitational Waves. It is understood that they come from black holes. To detect these waves, there are two detectors in the US, another third detector in Italy planned to be installed in India (Maharashtra) by 2025. In this project 1200 scientists from around the world are connected, 91 of them are from India.

SKA Project: Square Kilometer Array

Budget: India's participation in the $ 700 million projects will remain between 6% and 10%.
Plan: 12 countries are making the world's largest radio telescope. There will be thousands of antenna and a dish under the SKA project, from which Astronomers will be able to keep an eye on every smallest sky movement. Indian scientists are working as a telescope manager for this project, which will work like the SKA Observatory's brain and nerve center.

Fair Project: Facilitation for Anton Proton and Ion Research

Budget: India will spend 3.5% of this $ 2 billion project.
Plan: The purpose of this project is to know how to make the Universe. It is being built in Germany and India has been a founder member of this project. Under this, conditions like the early stages of the Universe and the core of the wires will be prepared in the lab. The important equipment for this project from India is to be supplied, which will cost more than Rs. 270 crores.

ITER Project: International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

Budget: India will fund this project with a cost of $ 40 billion and up to 9.1%.
Plan: Trying to make the fraction of the sun inside the lab is trying. ITER is building in France and seven countries including India are funding for it. India will primarily supply the equipment for it. This project is expected to be completed by 2030.

TMT project: Thirty-meter telescope

Budget: India's participation in this $ 1.47 billion project will be $ 213 million.
Plan: This will be the largest optical and infrared telescope built in the northern part of our planet. It will be made in Hawaii. Canada, China, Japan, India, and America are working together on this. Once ready, with the help of this telescope, the study of the universe can be studied which is still blurred for us. This will also enable the search of Planet etc in the solar system. It is expected to be operational by 2023-24. India is making control systems and software for it.

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