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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Jio will get 547.5 GB data in this plan, Jio Diwali 100 percent cashback offer also launches

Jio will get 547.5 GB data in this plan, Jio Diwali 100 percent cashback offer also launches

Jio will get 547.5 GB data in this plan, Jio Diwali 100 percent cashback offer also launches

Reliance Jio has made interesting once again the ongoing battle between telecom companies. This time Reliance Jio has launched an annual prepaid pack worth Rs 1,699. In this plan, the user will get a total of 547.5 GB 4G data for use. Its validity will be 365 days and will get 1.5 GB 4G data for everyday use. This Recharge Pack has been made available to every Jio users.  

On the other hand, Jio is giving "100 percent cashback" to every user with every recharge plan of Diwali. Cashback Live Subscriber will be given coupon in the form of Reliance Digital. Reliance Digital coupons will be given in the MyJio App. Reliance Jio's prepaid plan of Rs 1699 has now become part of the company's annual plan for Rs 4,999 and Rs 9,999.
Jio's annual Recharge pack of Rs 1,699The new Jio Rs 1,699 Recharge Pack gives the user total 574.5 GB of data. The validity of this pack is 365 days. User Unlimited voice calls will receive 100 SMS daily, free subscription of Jio Apps and 1.5 GB data every day in 4G Speed. If seen, it is one of the best annual plans available in the market. BSNL's annual prepaid plan is above Rs 2,000.  

Apart from this, 1.5 GB of data and unlimited voice calls will be available to many users every day. Earlier this year, BSNL had launched a plan of Rs 999 at the beginning of the year, but it was available in the limited circle only. It gives users 1 GB of data and unlimited calls every day, but for 6 months.
Observe all the annual Recharge packs of Jio and find that 1.5 Gb of data is available at 4G speed every day in the Jio Recharge Plan of Rs 1,699. While there is no such limit in Recharge pack of Rs 4,999 and Rs 9,999. The validity of these two packs is 365 days and they come with 350 GB and 750 GB data, respectively.
Jio Diwali 100% Cashback OfferGiven the festive season, Jio has announced the Diwali 100 percent Cashback Offer. Under this offer, Jio users will get 100% cashback on all recharge plans above 100 rupees. This means that the offer would be Rs 149, Rs 198, 299, 349 rupees, 398 rupees, 399 rupees, 448 rupees, 449 rupees, 498 rupees, 509 rupees, 799 rupees, 999 rupees, 1699 rupees, 1999 rupees, 4999 rupees And it will come with Rs 9,999.
The amount of cashback will be available as a coupon of Reliance Digital, which will be made available in the Myageo app. This offer is available online and for recharged with a live retailer.
Cashback voucher issued by Geo can be used in Reliance Digital Store. But for this, a minimum of 5,000 rupees must be purchased, which will not take many users.
Many vouchers will be issued on recharge of above Rs 500, but the Geo Subscriber cannot use two coupons at the same time. For example, Jio will issue a total of four cashback vouchers (one rupee for Rs 500 and Rs 500) on recharging from a Geo Plan of Rs 1,699. These cashback vouchers can be used only by December 31, 2018. This cashback offer is available till November 30th.
To know more about this offer, you can visit the company's website ....

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